A Sims3 Blog (asims3blog) wrote in missskittycc,
A Sims3 Blog

Male/Female Ultimate Fishnet Experience

I promised you these awesome fishnets, and here I am with them! I love, I mean LOVE fishnet. So this is something I needed in my game. This are an accessory so they can be worn under any piece of clothing in any category. Enojoy!!

Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ehmjyjmynkt

Relevant Information:

Gender: Male, Female
Ages: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Available in: Everyday, Formal, Active, Swim, Sleep
Valid in Maternity: Yes
Valid in Random: Yes
Tags: #accessory, #active wear, #adult, #elder, #everyday, #female, #formal wear, #male, #sleep wear, #swim wear, #teen, #valid for maternity, #valid for random, #young adult, fishnet

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